You may be requested to submit fingerprints for three reasons:

  1. You have a criminal record and have requested a record check (see Criminal Record below).
  2. Your date of birth and gender match that of a person listed in the pardoned sex offender list and fingerprints are required to determine identity (see Vulnerable Sector below).
  3. Fingerprints are required as part of the Adoption /Child Custody record check application.

Fingerprinting services are provided by appointment only.  Those applying for a record check will be advised when they complete the application if fingerprints are required.   The service is provided at the South Division, located at 81 Melbourne Drive, Bradford.

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment to process your paperwork. If you are late, we may not be able to accommodate you. Appointments are booked every 15 minutes and we must keep them on schedule.

Please bring two pieces of valid, government-issued identification at the time your prints are taken.  At least one of these must contain your photo.

If you elect not to have your fingerprints taken, your Criminal Record Check will be marked as incomplete and returned to you.

Appointment Cancellations

If you are unable to keep your appointment please call 905-775-3311 extension 1021. Appointments cancellations are non-refundable.  Appointments that are cancelled with more than 48 hours’ notice will be rescheduled at no cost.  If appointments are cancelled within 48 hours of your appointment you will need to pay for another appointment.


  1. Please be sure to have appropriate identification ready to present when you check in.
  2. Fingerprinting services are provided to citizens living in the Bradford West Gwillimbury and Innisfil municipalities only.  Individuals are required to show identification at the time of processing, confirming residence within one of these municipalities.

Criminal Record

Applicants who have a criminal record will be required to submit fingerprints so the Service can confirm a criminal record is held at the Criminal Record Repository of the RCMP. Applicants are NOT required to be fingerprinted for:

  • A conviction for which the applicant has received a pardon.
  • A conviction where the applicant was a “young person” under the YCJA.
  • Absolute or Conditional Discharges.
  • Any offences for which the applicant was not convicted.
  • Provincial or municipal offences.
  • Any charges dealt with outside of Canada. 

Vulnerable Sector

These checks are typically required for coaches involved in minor sports, day care providers, health care providers, those involved in teaching, etc.  Applicants requiring this type of record check are scrutinized through a more rigorous screening process, which will result in more applicants being identified as a potential match resulting in delays in receiving their record check.  Therefore, applicants should ensure they allow ample time to process the request should this situation arise.

Applicants who are impacted will be advised when they submit their application what steps must be followed for their VS check to be completed.  If advised, they will be required to make an appointment to have their fingerprints taken. Fingerprints will then be submitted to the RCMP to confirm or refute the potential match. It should be noted that a potential match can result from a person having the same gender and date of birth as a known offender which in nearly all cases will be ruled out by a fingerprint comparison.

For more information please visit the RCMP web-site | email  | Phone: 613-998-6362.

Other Fingerprint Services:

Fingerprints for Canadian Citizenship, Immigration, Record Suspension Applications, U.S. Waiver Applications, FBI ink fingerprinting and Employment purposes without a Police Record Check are not available through the South Simcoe Police Service.  Accredited fingerprint specialists available in this area may be found by a quick search of the internet.   Costs of service may vary depending on the provider.