Who can obtain a copy?

Motor vehicle collision reports will only be released to:

Individuals involved in the motor vehicle collision who require additional information, Insurance companies and law firms must send in a written request, along with the fee (see below). All requests must provide sufficient information to allow us to identify the accident report in question, i.e., date, address or location, incident number, officer’s name and badge number, name of person(s) involved, and a telephone number during business hours where a representative can be reached. Please note that all information relating to witnesses or injured parties will be blacked out.

Individuals involved in the motor vehicle collision may request a copy of the motor vehicle collision report in person at either of the South Simcoe Police locations however the request must still be in writing and accompanied with the appropriate fee.

Currently the Fee is: $57.00 (Subject to change, please contact us if you have any questions.)

For walk-in requests, we accept debit card, Visa, MasterCard or certified cheque or money order payable to the South Simcoe Police.

  • the person or company directly involved (a person picking up an accident report on behalf of a company must have written documentation from the company authorizing the pick-up).
  • a law firm representing the person involved; or the insurance company of the person involved.

The Driver copy of a motor vehicle accident report is available to the Drivers involved in a Motor Vehicle Collision free of charge. This copy includes the following information:

  • names, and identifiers of all drivers
  • vehicle ownership information of all drivers
  • insurance information of all drivers

All requests mailed in must include payment and can be sent to:

Information Support
South Simcoe Police Service
2137 Innisfil Beach Road
Innisfil, Ontario, L9S 1A2


All requests relating to a fatal motor vehicle collisions must be forwarded to the above mentioned mailing address.  Additional fees for information above and beyond the $57.00 fee for the face of the Motor Vehicle Collision Report will be charged.

Please feel free to contact us at 905-775-3311 or 705-436-2141 Ext. 1063

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