The South Simcoe Police Service Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for the direct control, continuity, inventory, security, return, destruction and sale of all property items recovered by the Service and all evidence generated during the investigation of a crime. The South Simcoe Police considers the care and control of your found or seized property and evidence to be a high priority. In order to control this process as effectively and efficiently as possible, South Simcoe Police secures all property or evidence associated with a crime in one central location. The Property Unit is located in the South Division in Bradford.

Property unit members have extensive training and follow procedures and practices as determined by the International Association of Property and Evidence to ensure that all items processed by the Property Unit are handled under strict industry standards which will stand even the closest scrutiny in court.

Police Auctions

Under the Police Services Act, South Simcoe Police are required to hold public sale of property for items seized or recovered where the lawful owner cannot be determined, items are ordered forfeited by the courts, or property has gone unclaimed.

We sometimes include surplus police equipment and furniture to the list of auction items for sale, which most often include: bikes, electronics, tools, household items and jewellery.

For these public auctions, South Simcoe Police have joined with many other municipal police agencies in Southern and Central Ontario and moved their public auctions into the modern age of on-line shopping through a website that operates similar to eBay. This on-line auction company is Police Auctions Canada.

Proceeds of our auctions are turned over to the Police Services Board.

To Pick Up or Retrieve Your Property from the Property Unit:

Please call the Property Unit at 905-775-3311 ext 1069 or ext 1070 to discuss what paperwork and authorizations will need to be presented for the possible return of your property. Property will be returned by appointment only, Mon – Fri from 7 am to 3 pm.

Retrieving Evidence

All property seized as evidence must be held for a minimum of 30 days following the completion of the case in court, pending any appeals being filed. If you have had personal property seized, the court case has been completed and there was no forfeiture order made for the property, then you may be entitled to have the property returned to you. Call the Property Unit to book an appointment. No evidentiary property will be returned without the Property Unit receiving written authorization from the Investigating Officer or receiving a Court Order directing return of an item.

Claiming Found Property

Found property items will be held for 90 days while efforts are made to locate the rightful owner. If no owner is identified, the property will be sold at auction or destroyed. If you have lost a wallet, keys, glasses, or other items of value, please contact South Simcoe Police to have an occurrence generated with full details of your loss. This enables the Property Unit to identify rightful owners of found property and get your property returned to you.

Retrieving Personal Property Seized at Arrest

If you have a quantity of personal items on your person at the time you are arrested, these items may be held at the South Simcoe Police Property Unit for safekeeping. Items are held for 30 days after your release from custody before being auctioned or destroyed. Please contact the Property Unit to book an appointment for pickup of your personal items as soon as you are released from custody or to arrange to have someone pick up your property for you if you will be retained in custody for an extended period of time.

Unclaimed Found Item

If you have turned in an item you found and wish to have it back should no owner be identified, you must put your request in writing to the Chief of Police within the 90 day holding period. Items are considered on a case by case basis for return to finders.

Seized Passports

Passport Canada is the rightful owner of all Canadian Passports. Passport Canada request that all passports whether found , seized or turned in to a Police agency as per a Court Order, must be forwarded to them. Please contact Passport Canada to arrange for return of any seized or found passports that South Simcoe Police may have had in their possession.


Firearms will only be released through a prescheduled appointment booked with the Firearms Officer. Contact ext 1070 to book an appointment and discuss requirements and necessary paperwork for the release of any seized firearm.

The Property Unit also offers the public service of disposing of your unwanted ammunition and firearms. If you wish to turn in a firearm, please call the station and have an officer attend to pick-up your firearm, DO NOT BRING IT INTO THE STATION YOURSELF.

Impounded Vehicles

A release form must be obtained from staff at the front desk before attending the impound tow company storage lot to retrieve your seized vehicle. Storage fees may be required by the tow company.