Traffic Safety through both public education and enforcement remains a priority of the South Simcoe Police Service. The South Simcoe Police currently has five (5) constables dedicated full time to road safety in our communities. The unit is mandated with the following responsibilities;

They include:

  • Identifying traffic problem areas.
  • Speed control through both RADAR and LIDAR enforcement.
  • Collision investigation.
  • Technical collision reconstruction at fatal and serious personal injury motor vehicle collisions.
  • Snowmobile patrol and enforcement on our roads, the OFSC Trails, Lake and Rivers.
  • Reducing impaired driving through R.I.D.E programs and impaired driving enforcement.
  • Investigate possible impaired drivers reported through the Safe Roads… You Call program.
  • Motorcycle Patrols.
  • Attending community complaint areas and enforcement.
  • Maintaining service breathalyzer and radar units.

The unit also participates in several programs and initiatives which are designed to enhance road safety.

  • A year round commitment to Reducing Impaired Driving Everywhere (R.I.D.E.)
  • The Cottage Patrol program during the summer months.
  • Project ERASE (eliminate racing activity on streets everywhere)
  • A “Back to School” campaign every September.
  • A “Distracted Driving” campaign every spring.
  • “Operation Impact” every Thanksgiving holiday weekend.
  • The “Safe Roads…Your Call” program.
  • Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspections.