Our Promise

We offer you and your community a simple promise…to provide you with the finest policing available, coupled with financial responsibility—. The South Simcoe Police is big enough to offer advaced technology and highly trained personnel within a modern, streamlined operation specializing in sophisticated, state-of-the-art policing. Yet, we offer an economy of scale that results in lower administrative costs. We believe that you deserve the best and that is what we strive to be on a daily basis.

We Practice Good Policing

Good Policing is a basic right and a necessity. It is the service most important to the quality of life in any community.

Municipalities have difficult decision to make, in selecting the service that is so vital. Decision makers are challenged as never before, trying to balance the budget.

Citizens are burdened as never before, with rising taxes and higher cost of living. The South Simcoe Police is a dedicated to protecting and maintaining all that you hold dear, in an operation that is ever mindful of the bottom line. Our administration costs are lean and our budget dollars are dedicated to providing service where it counts–on your roads and in your neighbourhoods. Your safety is paramount, as is the safety of our officers.

Trained Problem Solvers

South Simcoe Police Officers are encouraged to solve problems using their own initative, reinforced by the exhaustive training they receive. Our officers have immediate access to the Chief of Police and his Deputies, which ensures that major decisions are made quickly.

The South Simcoe Police has a strong emphasis on ethics and this philosophy is relayed daily to officers and members. Officers are directly accountable to the most senior command and appreciate knowing exactly where they stand on a day-to-day basis, as communication flows effectively.

Committed to Your Community

You will appreciate the South Simcoe Police community commitment which is specifically tailored to your requirements. We know your community and will adapt our policing specifically to your needs, your demographics and your challenges. We respect the unique aspects of your neighbourhoods and the concerns of individual citizens. You will see the benefits of being policed by an energetic and enthusiastic police service, showing a high profile and keen interest.

Want More Information?

We welcome all requests for more information on the South Simcoe Police.