The Courts Unit consists of  Special Constables and is overseen by a Special Constable Supervisor. The Courts Unit is responsible for transporting prisoners from the station to court, or from a detention centre to court, if necessary.

The Special Constables provide court security, and maintain the holding cells at the courthouse. They also attend Bail Court and assist the Crown Attorney with various duties, including holding and delivering case files, swearing to information, and maintaining the court docket. The unit maintains prisoner care and control for each platoon and assists with paperwork.  Officers from Courts also execute DNA Orders on prisoners when the sentence is passed by the judge and the taking of fingerprints from accused persons.

Court Officers are responsible for disseminating evidence disclosure, and handling follow up requests from the Crown Attorney’s office. In addition, the Bureau looks after subpoena and summons preparation. You’ll also find Court personnel in Traffic court, preparing the paperwork, calling witnesses and assisting the Provincial Prosecutor.