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Sworn Officer Hiring Process

A career in policing is focused on ensuring public safety through crime prevention and law enforcement. It requires a police constable to build relationships within the serving community, show concern and be sensitive towards the needs of people from all races, culture and backgrounds.

The Police Services Act describes four key areas of responsibility for a police constable:

  • preserving the peace;
  • preventing crimes and providing assistance to others in their prevention;
  • assisting victims of crime;
  • apprehending and charging offenders and executing warrants.

But it doesn’t end at these points. A police officer is also responsible for referring individuals to community services and agencies; and educating the public on various topics. This job can be very demanding and stressful.

At South Simcoe Police we work in shifts, including evening, nights and weekends, at all times of the year, even holidays. However, a career in policing can be very rewarding to individuals who seek to serve their communities.

The South Simcoe Police is a progressive minded and technologically advanced police service that requires intelligent, hardworking community minded men and women to work in partnership with the community in providing crime prevention and protection.

Candidates interested in a policing career must meet the minimum requirements of the Police Services Act, and as well possess a Standard First Aid and CPR Certificate.

Introduction to Police Constable Hiring Process:

The South Simcoe Police Service is a member of the Constable Selection System (CSS) as are most police services in the Province of Ontario. This System is endorsed, and overseen by the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) and Ministry of Community Safety and Correction Services. The CSS was introduced to standardize applicant testing throughout Ontario and to prevent applicants from having to conduct the same screening tests with multiple police services.

Step 1: Minimum Requirements

According to the Police Service Act to become a police officer in Ontario you must meet the minimum requirements listed below:

  1. A Canadian Citizen or permanent resident of Canada?
  2. 18 years of age or older?
  3. In good physical condition?
  4. A secondary school graduate or have equivalency?
  5. A licensed Ontario driver with no more than six demerit points accumulated?
  6. Of good moral standing within the community?
  7. Clear of any criminal record or criminal convictions?

Step 2: O.A.C.P. Certificate of Results

In order to submit your application for the position of police constable, YOU MUST HAVE a current and valid OACP Certificate of Results (COR).

The OACP contracts the testing to a private firm called Applicant Testing Services Inc. (ATS), which conducts the tests at a designated site. To obtain the OACP Certificate of Results you will need to contact ATS. For more information and instruction regarding the Testing please visit www.applicanttesting.com.

Step 3: Application

Once you have obtained the Certificate of Results you are ready to put forth your application to the South Simcoe Police, if there is an opening.

It is very important that your application contain the following documents:

  1. A one-page cover letter.
  2. An up-to-date resumé.
  3. A photocopy of your valid OACP Certificate of Results.

* NOTE: Your O.A.C.P. certificate must remain valid throughout the Constable Selection Process

Step 4: Interviews

Short listed candidates will then be invited for interviews.

Local Focus Interview(LFI)

Local focus interviews are a series of questions that you will be required to respond to. Once you have passed the LFI you will move on to Essential Competency Interviews.

Essential Competency Interview (ECI)

The ECI is the second part of interviews you will participate in during the hiring process.

You may only be invited for an ECI if you are successful in the LFI interview. The interview will determine whether or not you have the knowledge and skills ability to become an officer.

An ECI interview results are valid for one year and is transferable between police services.

If you are unsuccessful with the ECI, you will be permitted a second interview only after waiting a period of 3 months from the date of the first interview and after a 6 month period of attempt thereafter.

This waiting period applies to any OACP CSS licensed police service.

Step 5:  Background and Psychological Assessment


If you are successful through the various steps above you may proceed to the background investigation. This is the part in the selection process where the references you have provided will be contacted by a recruiter or a background investigator regarding your character, work, and school. They will also conduct an extensive investigation into your education, employment and personal history, this will include detailed look into your records from Ontario, Canada and other countries (if required). A home visit and/or interviews with your neighbours is also a part of background check. On average, the background check can take up to one week depending on the details and documents provided and the availability of your references.

Psychological Assessment

The psychological assessment is required to ensure that you are without significant psychological difficulties that might impair your ability as a police officer.

When you pass your ECI you may be asked to visit a independent psychologist for psychological assessment, which consists of three parts, MMPI-2 test for psychopathology or mental illness, the 16PF test for job suitability and psychological clinical interview to inquire into how you feel, think and act and delve into many personal issues. These questionnaires and interview can take between two to three hours to complete.

Although you have a successful ECI, the process is very competitive.  It will be on the discretion of the interviewers to determine if you will be scheduled for a psychological evaluation or move to background check. This will also depend on identified vacancies within the Service, as well as our organizational needs.

The psychological assessment is valid for a year and is also transferable between police services using the Constable Selection System.

Step 6:  Medical Examination

Once you have been selected and have passed all of the above steps you will need to go through a medical exam in order to become a South Simcoe Police officer. You will receive a medical exam request with your conditional offer letter. To find out more about the medical examination, click here

Useful Website Resources:

Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services


Applicant Testing Service


Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police


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