Some safety tips to help prevent problems at home when you leave for an extended period of time:

While You Are Away:

  • Put lights on timers to give the impression someone is home
  • Tell a trusted neighbour your vacation plans and provide emergency contact numbers
  • Do not leave notes or messages on doors or your answering machine that would indicate you are away
  • Ask a neighbour to park in your driveway
  • Keep small valuables in a safe deposit box
  • Remember to suspend newspaper delivery
  • Have someone mow your lawn/shovel your driveway if necessary
  • Keep a record of your valuables. Identify your property by engraving an identifying mark, such as your driver’s licence number, on the property. Proper identification may deter thieves and makes it easier for the police to return personal property if recovered. Keep your insurance policies current
  • Always think of your personal safety. Upon returning home, scan the front of your home
  • Use high beams upon entering the garage and have a good look around before you leave the safety of your car

Vacation Checklist:

  • You have stopped all deliveries
  • Mail is being held or picked up by a trusted neighbour
  • You have arranged to have someone take care of your yard/shovel your driveway
  • You have timers on interior and exterior lights
  • You have let a trusted neighbour know you’re going away, when you will return and left a contact number in case of emergency
  • Shades and blinds are at their normal positions