(Bradford/Innisfil, ON) A four-legged crime fighter can inspire a lot of curiosity. On Friday, March 23, 2018 South Simcoe PSD Nitro made special appearances at Killarney Beach School in Lefroy and W.H. Day Elementary School in Bradford to create awareness about his role. The 19-month old canine officially started his policing career in January 2018 after four months of training. His training included obedience, search for property and people and apprehension. His partner, Const. Shawn Gwilliam, took questions from students. Here’s a top ten list:

  1. What kind of dog is Nitro?
    Nitro is a Sable German Shepherd.
  2. Where is Nitro from?
  3. Who named him?
    PC Gwilliam.
  4. Was he excited when you first met?
    “He was tired after a long plane ride.”
  5. How fast can he run?
    Gwilliam says ‘very fast.’
  6. Does he live inside?
    Nitro lives outside in a kennel.
  7. Does he work if his partner is on vacation or sick?
  8. Do police use female dogs?
    OPP and Toronto Police.
  9. What is your favourite part about Nitro?
    “I like his drive. He has an amazing work ethic.”
  10. Has he found anyone that was missing?
    Nitro located a missing child in Innisfil. “He had to go over 10 fences,” said Gwilliam of Nitro’s efforts in that search.