Safety Tips for Halloween 2018  


Before Trick-or-Treating 

– Prepare a costume that is easy to walk and be seen in. It is best to wear a non-flammable material. 

– Make sure a mask of a costume’s does not restrict a child’s vision so they can get around safely. 

– Make sure the eyeholes on masks are large enough to see through or use face paint as an alternative. If a child does wear a mask, instruct him/her to take it off before crossing the street. 

-Add reflective tape to costumes and carry a flashlight if possible. 

-Plan a route ahead of time with children, picking streets that are well-lit and that they know well. 

-Children should be accompanied by a parent, older sibling or group. 


During Trick-or-Treating 

-Travel in a group and hold on to treat bags tightly. 

-Only stop at houses with well-lit porches and travel in a familiar neighborhood. 

-Cross the street only at corners. Never cross between parked cars or the middle of the block. 

-Walk on well-lit streets and stay on the sidewalk. 

-If there is no sidewalk, stay as far left off the roadway as possible and walk facing traffic. 

-Watch out for candles in pumpkins that are a fire hazard. 

-Never go into the home of a stranger, even if invited inside for a treat. 


After Trick or Treating 

-Parents should sort and check treats in a well-lit area before eating. 

-Throw away candy or food that is not wrapped and sealed by a candy or food company. Carefully check all wrappers for signs of tampering. 

-Always wash and cut open fruit before taking a bite. 

-If any harmful items are found, notify Police immediately. 



-Drivers are also encouraged to practice additional caution because of high pedestrian traffic this evening. 

-Ensure your lights are on and working properly on your vehicle. 


**South Simcoe Police Service is committed to public safety and would encourage everyone to be responsible and think about safety during this spookiest of holidays. Have a safe and fun Halloween!**