Fraud Warning

(Bradford, ON) South Simcoe Police Service officers are reminding the public that requests for gift cards are a common tactic of fraudsters and a red flag for scams.

A Bradford resident recently fell victim to a scam after receiving an email from someone posing as a bank employee. The victim was instructed to purchase gift cards to help the bank catch the culprits who had supposedly compromised the victim’s account. The victim purchased thousands of dollars worth of gift cards before realizing it was a scam.

March is Fraud Prevention Month. One of your best means of protection is a pause. Think about what is happening. Remember that no legitimate company will request gift cards for payment or like this case, ask clients to directly assist in fraud investigations of the client’s account. We urge you to immediately hang up if you get such a call or verify that the organization contacting you is legitimate before taking any other action. Simply call your bank branch directly to verify the message’s legitimacy. Don’t give out personal information. If you didn’t initiate the call or email, you don’t know who you’re talking to. Visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre website for more fraud prevention tips and information on the latest scams.