Mobile Drug Trafficking Operation Busted at RIDE Check  

(Bradford, ON) A 33-year-old Mississauga man is facing nine charges relating to ‘dial-a-dope’ mobile drug trafficking following a RIDE check in Bradford.

On Wednesday, December 4, 2019, around 9:00 p.m., South Simcoe Police Service officers conducting a RIDE program at the 5th Line and 5th Sideroad stopped a vehicle and detected a strong odour of marijuana. The driver produced a small, legal amount of marijuana from the console area but officers observed additional quantities of marijuana in the rear passenger seat. As a result, the driver was advised he was in contravention of the Cannabis Control Act for having cannabis readily available to him while operating a vehicle. Further investigation resulted in police locating multiple individual packaged amounts of marijuana, cannabis edibles, hashish and shatter, a type of cannabis concentrate.

A quantity of cash was seized along with the following:

277 grams of edibles (gummies and sour keys)

22 vape pens (87% THC)

660 grams pre-packaged marijuana

64 grams hashish

6 grams shatter

The driver was arrested and charged with the following offences under the Cannabis Act and the Cannabis Control Act:

Distribute over 30g of dried cannabis

Possession of over 30g dried cannabis in a public place

Possession of illicit cannabis

Distribute illicit cannabis

Possessing cannabis for the purpose of selling

Possession property obtained by crime under $5,000

Unlawful sale, distribution of cannabis

Possession of proceeds

Transport cannabis

The accused was released with a future court date.

Dial-a-dope operations typically involve customers buying illegal drugs via social media apps from dealers who provide home delivery. South Simcoe Police Service would like to caution people about the risks of using this method. You don’t know what you are getting or the strength when you purchase illegal drugs online. Buyer beware. There is no quality control in place for your safety.

Person In Crisis Call 

(Innisfil, ON) On Wednesday, December 4, 2019 at 1:00 p.m, South Simcoe Police Service officers were called to a home in the Big Bay Point and 25th Sideroad area of Innisfil for a report of a domestic dispute involving a person in crisis. Initial reports indicated the person in crisis was armed with a knife and had left the residence. Police launched a search and the man was subsequently apprehended without incident. Investigation determined he was not armed. The man was transported to a local hospital where he was treated for a minor, self-inflicted, accidental injury and released. No charges were laid and no one else was hurt.  

On Wednesday, December 4, 2019, South Simcoe Police Service officers responded to 68 calls for service.