Media Release. Monday, September 13, 2021.

South Simcoe Police Service Launches Security Camera Registry

(Innisfil/Bradford, ON)  The South Simcoe Police Service has launched a Security Camera Registry to help enhance community safety.
The camera registry provides all residents and businesses the opportunity to inform the South Simcoe Police Service if they have external-facing security cameras that can assist in police investigations. Knowing where cameras are located in our communities can help officers quickly and efficiently recover possible footage and save valuable time in investigations. It also ensures that footage is saved as soon as possible by the public given that retention periods are often short. This pro-active, voluntary program could be crucial to help assist in an investigation, find a missing person, recover property, or even save a life.

The registry does not grant police direct access to your cameras and officers must still seek your permission to view and use footage. Participants in the registry will be asked to include camera locations, direction, video retention times and capability of sharing footage.

We encourage you to partner with us for this community-based crime prevention and crime fighting opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will information about my address or camera be shared publicly?

No. Any information collected from registrants will remain confidential and only the police will have access to it.

Does registering allow police to monitor my security cameras?

No. The registry is simply a database of residential or commercial addresses where security cameras are located. Officers must still seek permission to use security footage as evidence in an investigation.

How often will I be contacted regarding my camera?

Hopefully never, but you will only be contacted if an incident occurs in your area and police believe your camera may have captured relevant footage.

Can I unregister?

Yes. If you move, no longer have your cameras, or decide you no longer want to participate, you can contact the South Simcoe Police Service and ask to be removed from the registry.

Use the simple, secure and confidential online form on our website