2018 Service Recognition Awards

(Innisfil, ON)  The South Simcoe Police Service recognized the best of our communities last night at the 2018 Service Recognition Awards in Innisfil. 

Chief Andrew Fletcher and Deputy Chief Robin McElary-Downer welcomed dignitaries, family members and friends at the Council Chambers of Innisfil Town Hall as we celebrated members of the police service, some outstanding citizens and great journalism.

The 2018 Service Recognition Awards honoured excellence in policing that included bravery, tenacity, determination, life-saving emergency response and team work. 

A number of citizens were also honoured for stepping forward and demonstrating acts of bravery and courage in responding to emergency situations or acts of honesty, integrity and good citizenship – citizens who indeed have made a difference.  

A number of media awards were presented to local media agencies who have told a story or taken a photograph capturing the professionalism and dedication of members of the South Simcoe Police Service engaged in their duties. 

Several officers and Auxiliary officers were presented with Police Exemplary Medals and medal Bars for 20 and 30 years of service. A number of retired officers were also recognized for their contributions to the service and public safety. 

Here is the complete list of award recipients:


 20 year Police Exemplary Service Medal.

The Police Exemplary Service Medal was created by the Governor General’s Office to recognize police officers who have served continuously for 20 years in an exemplary manner, characterized by good conduct, industry and efficiency. It is, within the Canadian system of honours, the first and highest of the exemplary service medals.

  Sergeant Julio Fernandes

Julio began his policing career as a Co-Op Student with Bradford Police before becoming an Auxiliary Officer with the Service in 1977. After leaving he started with South Simcoe Police Service in May 1998 in courts as a Special Constable. He became a police constable in March 1999. He has always had roots in the community and grew up in Bradford from the age of 4. He has worked in a variety of areas including Cybercrime, Major Crime, Street Crime and Intelligence. In October Julio was promoted to the rank of Sergeant.

Special Constable Courts Supervisor, Ian Mason.

Ian Mason started as Special Constable with South Simcoe Police Service in February 1988. In January 2015 he was promoted to a Supervisor of the Courts Unit. He was recognized by the Crown Attorney for his outstanding leadership and supervision of the courts department and has served on several committees including the Health and Safety Committee.

 Ian’s medal is unfortunately still in transit so he will receive his Service Certificate tonight – the medal will be presented by the Chief to Ian at a later date.  

  Auxiliary Staff Rick Young

Rick has dedicated countless hours to South Simcoe Police Service in his role as an Auxiliary leader. He joined the unit in April 1999. With a passion for community service, Rick is an invaluable member of the Auxiliary team. In his role as supervisor, he has not only helped keep our communities safe, he has also mentored new Auxiliary members and serves as a role model for them.

30 Year Police Exemplary Service Medal Bar

Constable Mike Kayser

Mike started as an Auxiliary officer with Bradford Police Service before becoming a police constable in May 1988 at the age of 18. Mike has spent his career as a front line officer who also serves in the Emergency Response Unit. He has received letters of recognition from citizens for assisting them in emergency situations.

 Sergeant Deborah Smith

Deborah Smith started as a cadet with Toronto Police in October 1987 and achieved the police constable position in November 1988.

She joined South Simcoe Police in November 2000 as a police constable in a uniform patrol unit. In 2004 Deb was assigned to the Criminal Investigation Bureau where she excelled in overseeing and managing major crimes scenes, was lead investigator of many sexual assault offenses, child pornography offenses and served in the Major Case triangle for multiple homicide investigations. After serving in a variety of roles, Deborah was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in August 2018.

 Constable Graeme Harbottle

Graeme was with Toronto Police Service from 1988 to September 2001 when he joined South Simcoe Police Service. During his tenure with South Simcoe Police Service, he acted in an investigative role with the Criminal Investigation Bureau, was involved in countless collision investigations, was a Scene of Crime Officer and spent many years in uniform on the front lines.

The Service would also like to recognize Graeme’s retirement on May 31, 2018 and present him with a retirement certificate.

 Sergeant Todd Ferrier

Todd began his policing career with Innisfil Police Service in 1989. During his 30 year tenure, Todd served as a Forensic Identification Officer and helped shape the future of many recruits in his role as a training instructor at the Ontario Police College. Todd was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 1993. He became widely known in the community in his role as Media Relations Officer just prior to retiring in May. He has been recognized for his work on several investigations. Todd continues to work with South Simcoe Police Service as a background investigator.

The Service would also like to recognize Todd’s retirement on May 31, 2018 and present him with a retirement certificate.

 Constable John Small

John joined the Town of Innisfil Police in October 1988. He participated in criminal investigations including drug cases, was part of the Emergency Response Unit and served as a front line uniformed officer. He has been recognized for his investigative work and participated in the security detail for the G20 Summit in Toronto.

The Service would also like to recognize John’s retirement on September 30, 2018 and present him with a retirement certificate.

 Acting Sergeant Rich Williamson

Rich started his policing career in Toronto and joined the South Simcoe Police Service in November 2000. His roles included Forensic Identification Officer, Traffic and Marine Media Relations Officer. He currently is an instructor at the Ontario Police College.

 Ms. Nancy Morrison

We honour Nancy for 30 years of dedicated service with a gold Service pin and certificate. Since Ms. Morrison is now enjoying the better side of life in New Brunswick, she has asked Ms. Maria Gucciardi to accept the pin on her behalf.  Nancy started as a civilian member with Toronto Police in 1986 before joining South Simcoe Police Service in February 2000. She was responsible for the property unit. She retired in July 2016.

The Service would now like to recognize the remaining officers who retired in 2018 following 30 plus years of service with a retirement certificate.

Constable Sal Scaglion

Sal started in policing in August 1979 and joined South Simcoe Police Service in Jan 2002. He has received several accolades from other services, citizens, co-workers and Government Ministries.   Sal retired as of June 30, 2018

 Sergeant James Buchanan

James started his journey in policing in 1986 as a Police Cadet in Toronto. In 1991, James joined Innisfil Police and thereafter has been with South Simcoe Police Services until his retirement date of May 31, 2018. James has contributed too many areas of the service including Criminal Investigations Bureau. He has received several accolades from other services, citizens, co-workers and Government Ministries.

Police Service Dog Recognition

At this time we pause to remember two of South Simcoe Police Service’s cherished members who passed away this year; Retired Police Service Dog Garan and Retired Police Service Dog Ronin.

Retired K9 ‘Garan’ passed away on Tuesday, June 19, 2018. He was 12 years old. I call upon his partner, former Constable Joe Ferreri. Garan served the communities of Bradford West Gwillimbury and Innisfil for seven years. He retired in July 2013.

Since his last watch, Garan had enjoyed life as a cherished pet with Joe and his family. Following in Garans footsteps, Joe left the police service in 2015.  In tribute to Garan, the Chief presents to Joe a certificate from the United States War Dogs Association which honours ‘silent heroes’ – our working dogs and a photo collage.

Recently, South Simcoe Police Service was again mourning the loss of a canine member with the death of retired PSD Ronin. Ronin passed away on Wednesday, October 30, 2018. He was 13 years old. The beloved canine had hung up his police collar in 2015 after serving the communities of Bradford West Gwillimbury and Innisfil for nine years with his handler Constable Matt Tomlin. Constable Tomlin is with us tonight to accept this special recognition of his partner

PSD Ronin was a German Shepherd who helped locate numerous missing people, criminals, illicit drugs, and pieces of evidence. His role also included backing up other officers and serving as a community ambassador for school visits and public events. He had recently been in failing health. Since leaving the police service, Ronin enjoyed his well-earned retired life as a treasured member of the Tomlin family.

Ronin will be sadly missed by his South Simcoe Police Service family. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Ronin and partner Matt for their service.

The Chief is pleased to also present Constable Tomlin with a collage. His certificate from the United States War Dogs Association is in transit and will be presented at a later date.


 Chief’s Commendations for Police Excellence

Excellence in Traffic Safety.

This award is presented to an individual or team who has developed an initiative that furthers the Service’s goal of traffic safety and taken action that has made a significant impact in the community.

This year’s Excellence in Traffic Safety Award goes to Constable Ian Fenik.

In 2011, Cst. Fenik became a qualified Breath Tech for the service and in 2014, he volunteered to become a Drug Recognition Officer. At the time, Constable Fenik was one of only two members in the service who were trained with this level of expertise. Ian has maintained his accreditation and made himself available at all hours to complete drug evaluations on suspected drug impaired motorists for South Simcoe Police and neighbouring police agencies.


In January 2017, Cst. Fenik took the Standard Field Sobriety Test (SFST) Instructor course with Toronto Police which enables him to train police officers from across the province. Since then he has been a vital asset in getting many officers trained in advance of the new cannabis laws.

Ian’s primary duty rests in the Service’s Community Mobilization and Engagement Unit. But he continues to take an active role in combatting the impaired driving offences that continue to plague communities across the province.

As an instructor in SFST, he enhances the Service’s goal to have every front line officers trained in SFST.

Thank you Ian and congratulations


Community Safety & Crime Prevention

This award is presented to an individual or team who has demonstrated their commitment to promoting community safety and crime prevention within the community.


The award recognizes the extra efforts undertaken and the leadership demonstrated by the individual or group in bettering the community or providing a service to the community.


This year’s recipient is Constable Mike Adams who was instrumental in organizing, developing and implementing South Simcoe Police Service’s Offender Management Program in 2018.


Constable Adams reviewed other police service’s offender management models and modified them to adapt to the needs of our service. The program allows the Service to determine the public safety risk depending on the type of offence and in turn the ability to identify the most dangerous offenders that pose the greatest threat to public safety if they re-offend.


To date, the South Simcoe Police Service’s Offender Management Program has been successful and the Service credits Mike for his initiative and continued oversight of the program.

Congratulations Mike.


Excellence in Investigation.

This award is presented to an individual or team who conducted a professional, detailed, and thorough investigation that contributed to furthering the Service’s goal of community safety through investigative excellence, and recognizes the dedication, determination and tenacity needed to bring these matters to a successful conclusion. Tonight the Service recognizes two incidents of excellence.

 The first officer being honoured for Excellence in Investigation is Sergeant Deborah Smith.

Sgt. Smith was the lead investigator on the case of a Keswick man who was found guilty of sexually abusing a young Bradford boy. The Crown Attorney on the case wrote a letter to Chief Fletcher singling out Smith with high praise. The Crown wrote,

“This case has benefited tremendously from the involvement and leadership of Officer Smith. We would not have received the result that we achieved today without her diligence, hard work, attention to details, committed investigation and involvement at all stages of the proceedings.”

Of note, this was the third time the offender had been prosecuted for sexually abusing a boy under the age of 14 but the first time he was convicted. Securing a conviction was a critical step to separating the offender from the community in the hope that he is finally deterred and treated. The Crown credits Smith’s work for helping make this happen by going ‘above and beyond’ with her ‘tireless commitment to public safety.’

Congratulations Sgt. Smith.

Next we honour two officers who played a key role in the takedown of some very violent criminals on June 7, 2018.

PC Rob Griffin and PC Greg Vanspall were nominated for this award by Detective Sergeant Terence Kelly of the Toronto Police Service Hold-Up Squad. In a letter to Chief Fletcher, Kelly described ‘two very keen officers’ who wound up locating a vehicle involved in some very violent crimes. The vehicle was stolen and linked to a bank robbery in Toronto where a teller was shot at and had also been used in a shooting in Barrie.

As a result of the initiative of these officers and the combined efforts of many others from a variety of South Simcoe Police Service Units, Toronto Police, Barrie Police and York Regional Police, four suspects were arrested and over 40 serious criminal charges were laid. A shotgun and a stolen vehicle were recovered along with other items of evidence from both crimes in Barrie and Toronto.

Because of the officers’ handling of the initial discovery, several police jurisdictions were able to mobilize and the suspects were arrested without anyone getting hurt.


Excellence in Emergency Response

This award is presented to an individual or team who have taken immediate steps or reacted to protect citizens in situations where their life was endanger.

 Tonight we honour Constable Roger Cruz, Constable Matthew Kernen, Constable Daniel Carrique (Care-eek) and Constable Mike Adams for saving the life of a suicidal man.                    

Civilian Communicators also deserving of recognition in this incident are Jen Columbus, Holleigh Vella and Melissa MacDonald.

On July 23, 2018 around 11:30 p.m., South Simcoe Police Service received a call for a suicidal man who was threatening to jump onto Highway 400 from an overpass in Bradford. Information was provided to police that the man was from Portugal and as such, Constable Cruz headed to the call to assist with any possible language barrier.

While officers were on route, Communicator Columbus contacted the OPP and requested the brief closure of Highway 400 to ensure the safety of motorists and the man on the bridge.

Constables Kernen and Carrique were the first to arrive and found the man on the bridge at the railing.   The officers managed to safely approach and began speaking with the man. Despite the language barrier, these officers were able to establish a rapport, communicate effectively enough so that the situation did not escalate and ultimately were able to buy time for Constable Cruz to arrive.

Kernen and Carrique had the wherewithal to park their vehicles in a way that closed the bridge, further eliminating another potential hazard. Upon arrival,

Constable Cruz took the lead in communicating in Portuguese with the man in crisis. At the same time, the three officers slowly got closer to the man without alarming him.

After effective communication and negotiation, the gentleman in crisis complied with the officers’ request to go to the hospital with them to seek help. Constable Adams – was the officer in charge – who oversaw this team effort.

The caring professionalism of these officers helped save a man’s life. The calm and quick thinking response of Communicators Columbus, Vella and McDonald ensured the safety of all concerned including the unsuspecting motorists on the 400 during this tense, life and death situation.


  Excellence in Emergency Response/Life Saving

This award is presented to an individual or team who have taken immediate steps or reacted to protect citizens in situations where their life was in danger.

 Tonight we recognize Constable Tiago Capeloa.

 Early on the morning of January 6, 2018, officers responded to a call in Bradford where a vehicle drove into a house and the occupants fled. Numerous officers attended. When Sgt. Brent Hines arrived on scene, he found Constable Capeloa administering first aid to a man who was extremely intoxicated by drugs and alcohol. The man was uncooperative and bleeding profusely from a knife wound that had hit an artery. Constable Capeloa applied a tourniquet and remained with the victim until paramedics arrived. The man was transported to the hospital for emergency surgery and fortunately survived.

Interestingly, the investigation revealed the man’s stab wound was self-inflicted in the hopes of making police believe he was a victim, rather than the driver who had crashed into the house.

 Had Officer Capeloa not tended to the man’s wound in the quick thinking manner that he did, this incident could have ended in a tragedy. Numerous days later, the young man, accompanied by his father attended the division for processing. Both expressed their gratitude to Constable Capeloa for his action.


While there were many officers involved in this call, it was Constable Capeloa’s quick thinking and caring response that likely saved a man’s life.


 Diversity and Cultural Competency Award which goes to Constable Matt Tomlin.

 Constable Tomlin has developed and delivered a service-wide training model on transgender community awareness and interactions with this community from a policing context. Topics include pronoun use, search and lodging protocols, mental health and socio-economic considerations and the transgender community’s challenges with the criminal justice system. The entire service has now received this training.

Constable Tomlin is also being recognized for his role as coordinator of the Crisis Outreach and Support Team, more commonly known as COAST. He was instrumental in addressing the needs and appropriate collaborative response for a heavy systems user who suffered from multiple health care and judicial issues.

 As coordinator of COAST, Constable Tomlin has been instrumental in the unit’s success by strengthening collaborative relationships with community partners, designing and delivering Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) to police personnel in partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association, facilitating a change in crisis-bed protocol with community health partners, and supporting persons experiencing crisis and their family members with a compassionate and knowledgeable approach.


Volunteer/Community Service.

Building positive relationships between members of the Police Service and our communities is a key element in effective partnerships for strong communities. Many members, both civilian and sworn, have shown exemplary commitment through volunteer work to the betterment and well-being of our community.

This award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated an extraordinary level of dedication through volunteer work while demonstrating leadership, inspiration and encouragement to others.

This year’s award goes to Reverend Howard Courtney 

Rev. Courtney ‘planted his giving roots’ in Innisfil more than 40 years ago.

After starting his career as a Youth Pastor in Barrie, Courtney felt the call to start in Alcona. He began having meetings in peoples’ homes. As his following grew, those meetings moved to the gym at Goodfellow Public School before Courtney built his church in its current location on Innisfil Beach Road. The church has undergone some transformations over its 40 years and has grown to meet the needs of its parishioners. Pastor Courtney’s commitment to the community has also expanded with the many programs he has started and his constant giving back to make Innisfil a better place for everyone. Described as ‘absolutely a community pastor’ it is said that ‘community outreach is his heart.’ He not only takes care of people within the church, he also reaches out to the broader community.He is known to never pass hitchhikers, broken down vehicles and tire flats without stopping. Last year he took a homeless man in and helped him get back on his feet. Pastor Courtney is a long time Red Cross volunteer, including taking 24 hour shifts to aid those affected by the SARS outbreak in 2002.  Locally, Courtney started the food bank after seeing a need to streamline donations and start an outreach program. Last month alone the food bank gave out 88 boxes weighing 75 pounds each. He and his wife also operate a gently used clothing depot that averages giving out 200 bags of clothing a month. The pastor is also focused on finding the appropriate resources and services for people ranging from anger management to a Christmas for kids. Pastor Courtney also responds quickly if there’s a fire or a flood when people are left without clothes or food.   He’s always helping people in need.

Pastor Courtney believes the church belongs to the community and opens the doors of church to many functions, allowing community members to feel it is their church and their building as well. Always quick to make someone smile, Pastor Courtney is known to remind us that he is always open on Sundays!


In the words of one parishioner, ‘He’s a pretty awesome guy.’


 Chief of Police Award – Dedicated in Memory of Constable Alan Kuzmich for an Outstanding Contribution to Community Safety

South Simcoe Police Service’s Constable Kuzmich was killed in the line of duty on August 21, 2002. He made the ultimate sacrifice. His service and act of courage will never be forgotten.

This award honours a citizen who exemplifies what makes our communities so great.


We care for each other. We step up and help those in need.   We want to make a difference. Such was the case when a senior with Alzheimer’s went missing in Alcona last Spring and tonight we would like to recognize Sally Schutz.


On May 7, 2018, 75-year-old Ken Armstrong wandered away from his home. South Simcoe Police Service mobilized a large-scale search involving many policing and community partners. They included Barrie Police Service, York Regional Police, OPP, Georgian Bay Volunteer Search and Rescue and countless Service officers and Auxiliary members.

From the air and on the ground, teams searched along train tracks, in wooded areas and near the shoreline of Lake Simcoe. The clock was ticking and 72 hours into the search, our vulnerable missing person was still missing. A plea went out to our community members to keep an eye out for Mr. Armstrong and check their properties and outbuildings.

 Sally Schutz sprang into action. Sally took a drive and ended up at a wooded area near the 9th Line and 25th Sideroad. She walked up a path not really expecting to find anything but when she called out the missing man’s name – ‘Ken’ – she heard a voice reply, ‘Yes.’   It was Mr. Armstrong.

 Sally’s efforts brought an end to an agonizing wait for the Armstrong family. It also brought relief to searchers and the entire community.

Our motto is working together to make a difference.

Sally Schutz did just that and we couldn’t be more grateful or proud. Thank you.


 Media Awards

Our first award in this category is for Best Media Story

 This award will be presented to an individual or news outlet that has created a crime related article that accurately documents and captures the actions of the South Simcoe Police Service in responding to a specific incident within the community.

 Tonight we recognize CTV News Barrie for coverage of Missing Alcona Man Ken Armstrong.

The 75-year-old with Alzheimer’s wandered away from his home on May 7, 2018. He was the focus of an intense search involving a multi-agency response including numerous rescue workers.

Through coverage of this story, CTV News Barrie brought additional and important awareness to the community about the search for the missing senior. Reporters were on scene for several days to capture the search efforts and conduct interviews with police, citizens, family members of the missing man and happily – finally – interview the citizen that found him.

Best Media Photo.

This award will be presented to an individual who has taken a crime related or community related photograph or series of photographs that tell a story without words. It may be related to an article; however the article should not be considered when reviewing the photographs as they must be able to stand alone.

 On September 12, 2018 at 7:45 a.m., South Simcoe Police Service officers responded to a collision involving a school bus and a pickup truck at the intersection of 5 Side Road and the 4th Line in Innisfil.
There were 14 students and a driver aboard the bus. Three students were transported to hospital including one who was airlifted to a Toronto hospital. The incident attracted widespread media attention and public interest due to the fact it involved
school children.  

 The photographs of the scene submitted by Raymond Bowe of Barrie Today captured the detailed investigation conducted by our officers and illustrated the dramatic nature of the collision. Ray is at parent teacher interviews tonight and unable to attend.

Best Media radio/Television Story

This award will be presented to individuals who have taken written or presented strong stories that are crime related or community related.

 Tonight we recognize Brett Glover, ROCK 95 /KOOL FM for his coverage of the South Simcoe Police Service’s Fraud Intervention Initiative.

On March 28, 2018, South Simcoe Police Service officers joined forces with local retailers to combat gift card fraud. Police held a media event at the Alcona Sobeys to alert the public to a new Fraud Intervention Initiative. Brett attended the event and interviewed Sgt. Geoffroy and the owner of Sobeys. The coverage helped raise awareness about a rampant scam and highlighted our partnerships with the community.


Citizen Awards

These awards are dedicated to recognizing citizens, who have provided outstanding support for the Service, acted in a courageous fashion to assist the Service or the public at large or otherwise demonstrated an act of good citizenship in their dealings with the Service.


The first Citizen Award goes to Brad McLaughlin & Peter Tsalamatas

This award is being given in recognition of their outstanding and courageous efforts on January 14, 2017 around 1:30 a.m. These two citizens in their role as private security officers, assisted police by first alerting us to an impaired driver and then following the suspected impaired driver for 45 minutes through three police jurisdictions before coming to a stop at the Georgian Downs Casino in Innisfil. Their actions and testimony from that evening resulted in the conviction of an impaired driver. Without these two responsible citizens and their quick thinking and dedication in ensuring police apprehended this driver, other unsuspecting motorists could have suffered life altering injuries or worse – lost their life.

 The recipients of our second Citizen Award

Sherry Cripaul, Shauna Stevenson and Deborah Spinks helped remove a drug-impaired driver off our roads.

On August 9, 2018, Sherry, Shauna and Deborah assisted police by detaining a suspected impaired driver that was in a Tim Horton’s drive-thru. These Tim Horton’s employees went above and beyond by successfully stalling the suspect several times to keep him on scene while officers responded.

Tonight they are receiving this award in recognition of their outstanding and courageous efforts. Their actions from that evening resulted in the arrest of an impaired driver.

Similar to the other award, their actions no doubt averted a tragedy in helping police apprehend this hazard from the roadway.

Well done – Thank you and congratulations on your well-deserved recognition.

 Our next Citizen Award goes to Jeff Bristol

This award is being given in recognition of his outstanding and courageous efforts on September 1, 2018 when he assisted a police officer that was in distress by coming to his aid and helping restrain his attacker. Your actions that evening resulted in saving our officer from harm.

 That night, the officer was attempting to arrest two men for public intoxication. One of the men calmly climbed in the back of the cruiser. As the officer tried to convince the other man to leave peacefully, the man got angry and assaulted an elderly woman who was on scene. The man then resisted arrest and the officer became engaged in a physical altercation where the suspect wound up on top of the officer. Mr. Bristol put aside his own safety and intervened by pulling the suspect off the officer and helping the officer make the arrest.

 Our next Citizen Award goes to Emily Moore and Jen Reid.

This award is being given in recognition of their outstanding and courageous efforts on May 4, 2018 when Emily conducted CPR on a woman that had collapsed at the No Frills in Bradford while Jen assisted by managing the scene until emergency services arrived. They both rushed without hesitation to the woman’s aid. As a result of their actions, the woman maintained vital signs until emergency workers took over the scene. The actions of these two good Samaritans played a vital role in saving a woman’s life.


 South Simcoe Police Auxiliary Unit

The South Simcoe Police Service Auxiliary Unit consists of dedicated volunteers who assist officers in their daily duties. Whether helping to control crowds at parades or special events, accompanying officers on patrol or assisting with the annual toy drive, Auxiliary officers donate thousands of hours of their time each year to serve your community.

 These awards are presented to Auxiliary Officers who throughout the year consistently demonstrate their dedication to the service by volunteering selfless acts of their time for the betterment of the communities of Bradford West Gwillimbury and Innisfil.

The first is the Auxiliary Officer of the Year Award.

 This award is presented to an Auxiliary member who consistently demonstrates professionalism, commitment to the service and a positive attitude.

For this award, members of the police service are solicited for nominations.

 This year’s recipient received nominations from full time members of the South Simcoe Police and also the Auxiliary Supervisory team.


The recipient of the Auxiliary Officer of the Year Award is Auxiliary Constable Tim McWilliams.


Auxiliary Constable McWilliams joined the South Simcoe Police Service in 2017. Since joining, Tim consistently volunteers for events in both communities and has exceeded the hours commitment every month since joining. In 2017, Tim volunteered 362.25 hours and so far in 2018 he has volunteered over 235 hours.


Tim has dedicated countless hours assisting the Fleet Co-ordinator over the past 2 years to ensure officers have patrol vehicles. Tim always makes himself available to assist the service with last minute details and also helps other Auxiliary members if they’re unable to attend their details on short notice.

 Auxiliary Meritorious Action

The Meritorious Action Award recognizes an Auxiliary officer who has demonstrated professionalism and skill on a call with an officer.

This year the Meritorious Action Award is being presented to Auxiliary Constable Stephanie Zak.

On October 26, 2017, PC Griffin and Auxiliary Constable Zak responded to an assist medical call in Bradford where a 3-month-old baby girl was vital signs absent. The officers arrived on scene within a minute of the call and immediately assisted by taking over the CPR. After paramedics arrived, the officers also assisted with the emergency run to the hospital.Sergeant Buchanan submitted documentation commending Constable Griffin and Auxiliary Constable Zak for their quick response and professionalism during a very difficult occurrence.

He noted their actions – taking control of the emergency, performing CPR, assisting with the emergency run safely and also showing compassion and empathy to the distraught parents. The following day, York Region Paramedic Services attended the police station to pass along their thanks for both officers’ efforts.


Sgt. Buchanan thinks the parents will find some solace in the fact that PC Griffin and Auxiliary Zak made every effort possible to try to save their baby.


Three Officers Honoured for Run to Remember

 We would like to single out three of our officers for their achievement this year in honouring fallen comrades, including our own Constable Cst. Alan Kuzmich at the National Police Memorial.


Constables Devon Northrup, Danny Carrique and Paul Catling all participated in the Run to Remember this year. The run is a 460km relay from downtown Toronto to Parliament Hill in Ottawa that makes its way through many Ontario communities.  The long and sometimes grueling hours of running give participants the opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices of the officers whose names are etched on the Memorial Wall in Ottawa. The run culminates in the Police and peace Officers’ memorial Service.


Thank you Constables Catling, Carrique and Northrup for your great achievement in completing the run and for representing us so well.


At this time, we’d also like to take a few moments to remember and pay tribute to one of our own.


On August 21, 2002, Constable Alan Kuzmich made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.


Constable Kuzmich was investigating an incident involving a stolen motorcycle on County Road 4 and Concession 10 in the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury when he was struck by a motor vehicle and killed instantly. Cst. Kuzmich was 41 years of age and served as a Police Constable for 19 years.


He is survived by his wife, Joanne and two children, Greg and Brad.

Tonight we have the honour of being joined by members of the Kuzmich family who are here to accept a special tribute.

This custom wood sign was created by local artisan Sonia Di Minco in memory of Cst. Kuzmich.



Board Presentations

Vice Chair Lincino Miguello and Mayor Gord Wauchope


In accordance with the Police Services Act, Vice Chair Miguello’s term as the Police Service Board’s municipal representative comes to a close after 4 years of dedicated service and guidance. The Police Service and Board members thank Vice Chair Miguello for the valuable insight and guidance he provided in helping to shape the Service into what it is today.


Additionally, in this year’s municipal election, Mayor Wauchope (walk-up) chose not to run for re-election. As a result and also in accordance with the Police Services Act he will vacate his position on the police services board upon the installation of the new mayor. The Police Services Board would like to thank Mayor Wauchope for his guidance over the past four years and his wealth of experience as a former police officer with Toronto Police Service will be greatly missed.