Canada Road Safety Week Results 

(Bradford, Innisfil, ON) South Simcoe Police Service officers laid nearly 300 road safety charges during Canada Road Safety Week.

From May 14 – 20, 2019, we participated in the seven-day, national campaign aimed at making Canada’s roads the safest in the world. Each day of the campaign, officers targeted a different fatal and life altering injury causation factor in motor vehicle collisions including, alcohol and drug impaired driving, fatigue-impaired driving, distracted driving, aggressive driving and non-seat belt compliance.

The campaign resulted in a total of 298 road safety charges including:

Impaired Driving Statistics – Total Charges 3


2 alcohol impaired charges

1 drug impaired charge


Aggressive Driving Statistics – Total Charges 210


148 speeding charges

1 stunt driving charge

61 moving violations


Distracted Driving Statistics – Total Charges 6


3 electronic device charges

3 careless driving charges


“The numbers reflect excellent, pro-active enforcement by our officers which is part of our year-round, 24/7 effort to keep our roads safe. While I send out my best regards to those motorists who do drive in a safe manner, our statistic’s unfortunately indicate there are still many that do not. We urge you to do your part and drive sober, buckle up, slow down and keep your eyes on the road so we can all enjoy getting to where we want to safely.” – Deputy Chief Robin McElary-Downer.