Festive RIDE Totals

(Innisfil/Bradford, ON) Four weeks of the Festive R.I.D.E. campaign resulted in 12 charges for drinking and driving offences in our communities – 11 fewer charges than last year.

South Simcoe Police Service officers conducted R.I.D.E. programs as part of the annual holiday blitz in Innisfil and Bradford West Gwillimbury from Friday, November 30, 2018 to Tuesday, January 1, 2019. The final numbers from the 2018 Festive R.I.D.E campaign are listed below with the numbers from the 2017 Festive R.I.D.E campaign in brackets for comparison where the numbers are available.


8,275 (5,465) Vehicles stopped by R.I.D.E

12 (23) Charges for Drinking and Driving Offences

264 (219) People given Roadside Breath Tests

18 (30) People received 3 Day, 7 Day and 30 Day Suspensions for registering a “WARN”

2 Standard Field Sobriety Tests

4 Novice/Young Drivers received 3 Day Suspensions

17 Federal Drug Charges

20 Cannabis Act Offences

10 (6) Liquor Licence Act Charges

2 Highway Traffic Act Suspensions

27 (31) Highway Traffic Act Offences

1 Drive Disqualified Criminal Code

2 Dangerous Driving

3 Other Criminal Code

1 Smoke-Free Ontario


A complete list of all those charged with impaired driving related offences during R.I.D.E and regular patrols during the holiday season will be posted on our website later today. Thank you to all the motorists that made the right choice by not driving impaired this holiday season.

The number of impaired driving charges during R.I.D.E. is down this year over last year, but we believe that one impaired driver is too many. The 17 federal drug charges are a result of two significant drug seizures and arrests that occurred during R.I.D.E. stops. The drug seizures included 96 grams of suspected purple heroin, a dangerous street drug commonly made from fentanyl and/or carfentanil and heroin and depending on the purity could contain several hundred lethal doses of fentanyl.

Twenty Cannabis Act Offences have prompted us to remind motorists about Cannabis Laws that pertain to transporting cannabis in your vehicle. A driver cannot have cannabis in a motor vehicle when the seal of its original packaging is open and is within reach of the driver.

As always, South Simcoe Police Service will continue R.I.D.E. spot checks throughout the year. Drinking or driving high will not be tolerated in our communities. Our ongoing, proactive initiatives are aimed at ensuring our roads are safe for everyone. We applaud all the citizens that called to report suspected impaired drivers and encourage you to keep working with us.