February 25, 2022.

2021 Service Recognition Awards: Excellence in Professionalism

Recipient: TJ Romanick, Fleet Coordinator and Quartermaster Clerk

The award for Excellence in Professionalism goes to an unsung hero in our service. A person who literally keeps the service moving, dressed, equipped and safe – among many other responsibilities.

 TJ Romanick, the Service’s fleet coordinator and quartermaster clerk consistently goes above and beyond and has received many differing requests and jobs that he completes without complaint or issue. 

 The Police Service has grown at an unprecedented rate including numerous new hires that require outfitting with clothing and equipment or acquiring new vehicles to add to the fleet. This takes a lot of organization for one person, and the outfitting of new officers must be seamlessly worked into their onboarding schedule while he also maintains the day to day demands of the existing staff and fleet.  

 TJ has also researched various new clothing items and equipment to ensure officers are comfortable and well protected and although South Simcoe is a smaller service they can proudly say that they have some of the best kit available. 

 During the Covid-19 pandemic TJ sprang into action yet again, continually ensuring that the police officers and stations were well stocked with the proper equipment and supplies to protect them from the spread of this deadly virus. Without being prompted or asked, TJ did what was needed to make sure the team functioned efficiently, with little delay in responding for PPE or extra cleaning measures as needed.

 TJ managed all of this while also keeping up with regular maintenance issues related to our core business functions and could often be found looking after things after hours or while off duty. He always answers his phone, on or off duty, and is prepared to assist at a moment’s notice.

 And if that wasn’t enough, TJ went above and beyond his regular duties by working over a weekend to build a fenced in patio areas at the rear of a station to allow a place for staff to decompress during their shift, or similarly building a storage shed for the Service’s bicycles and other specialized equipment.

 And finally, TJ also played a key role in customizing our K9 Unit cruiser to best meet the needs of the K9 officer and his partner Nitro.

This vehicle required being constructed from the ground up with many considerations and new technologies in place to protect the dog. TJ collaborated with K9 handler PC Gwilliam and was instrumental in completing the project in a timely fashion while still ensuring Nitro was available for service during the process.

 This past year and a half has been an extraordinarily busy time for the service which has translated to a greatly increased work load for TJ.  He is a one-person crew that unfailingly gets the job done all while maintaining a terrific attitude and helpful demeanor.

 We recognize TJ for his commitment to the service, its members and their workplace safety. He is an integral part of the service and is often overlooked and inadvertently taken for granted due to how well he performs his job.

Thank you TJ.