February 25, 2022.

2021 Service Recognition Award: Community Safety and Crime Prevention

Recipient: Auxiliary member Sarah Blair

 On August 12th, 2021, Auxiliary Sarah Blair was off duty travelling along County Road 89 when she saw a stopped vehicle and someone tossing litter out of the passenger side door. She took it upon herself to stop and respectfully request the male driver stop littering, and to pick up the items he had already discarded.

While speaking to the driver, Blair noticed that he was uneasy on his feet and lost his balance when attempting to pick up the litter. She also detected the smell of alcohol coming from him. When he got back in his vehicle and continued driving, she was concerned that he may be impaired, prompting her to follow safely and call police with a license plate and vehicle description. 

Blair updated the whereabouts of the vehicle until it was last seen pulling into a gas station on Yonge Street but when Police arrived and checked the area the vehicle was gone, however they attended his home nearby where they located the vehicle. Based on the excellent description provided by Blair officers were able to identify and arrest the driver for impaired driving.

The man was already on charges for two previous impaired driving causing bodily harm offenses and also had a prior conviction for impaired driving.

Blair’s keen observations, sense of pride and duty, and assistance in this occurrence helped remove a repeat offender from our roads.

Congratulations Sarah.  Well done!