February 25, 2022.

2021 Service Recognition Awards: Excellence in Innovation 

Recipient: Crime Analyst Cliff Aguiar

 Since joining Police Service in 2019, Cliff has brought many new skills and a different perspective to the service. 

He has had a direct impact on many successful investigations and is always willing to set aside time to assist officers.

 Cliff has developed and implement new tools such as the Security Camera Registry, the online dashboard, the innovation hub and has modernized the way that our service monitors known offenders residing in its jurisdiction by creating a known offender data base that is accessible to front line officers. 

 Cliff has been involved in the safe apprehension of persons in crisis, locating missing persons, arrests of dangerous offenders and so much more. There are many examples where he has gone above and beyond or utilized a method not previously known or used by the Service.

 Cliff also continually makes himself available at a moment’s notice at all hours of the day and night and is always available to assist others resolve complex investigations and save people from further victimization, injury and self-harm.

 Due to Cliff’s networking abilities, he has a massive reach across the province including other police services, analysts, and private sector allies which he utilizes to streamline the exchange of information and assist officers in sourcing solutions.
Cliff has also introduced analytical co-op students to the Police Service which has not only provided the service with a larger analyst footprint and capability but has championed our service as a viable place to work.

 Cliff truly cares about the service and wants it to succeed in all it does, including playing a key role in creating a very successful PRIDE flag raising event. This type of mentality and work ethic is contagious and has positively impacted those around him, whether from a brief interaction or a larger in-depth collaboration. 

We recognize Cliff for his countless contributions to the service on so many levels and thank him for being an integral part of our team.

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