February 25, 3022

2021 Service Recognition Awards: Excellence in Emergency Response and Life Saving

Recipient: Constable Davis Benson.

 On May 20th, 2021, police responded to a call regarding a suicide attempt in Innisfil. The caller advised they had received text messages from the person in crisis stating that he “didn’t have much longer.” Most responding units were a distance away with the exception of Constable Benson. While awaiting backup, Benson received information from another officer that the subject male carries knives and other weapons on him. Police then received a second call from another person who said they had also received a text message from the man in crisis, stating that he was using carbon monoxide to suffocate himself

At this time, Cst. Benson proceeded up the driveway and learned from a witness that the man was believed to be in the closed garage. Just then an engine was heard wailing inside the garage prompting Cst. Benson to spring into action. He opened the garage door, which revealed a lawn mower that had its handle taped down. There was a strong odour of exhaust fumes and heavy smoke. Benson located the man in a nearby chair extremely incoherent. Benson pulled the man out of the garage so he could get clean air. Paramedics arrived on scene and began treating the man who was transported to a local hospital and then to a Toronto hospital for further treatment.

Without the quick and courageous actions of Cst. Benson, this incident could well have had a very tragic outcome. Seeing the need for immediate measures, Benson ran into the unknown with the man’s safety and well-being his top priority.

His supervisor wrote: “Your actions that day undoubtedly saved this person’s life.” As was noted by one of your peers, “if it was not for his attentive attitude and decisiveness, it is very likely that the male in question would have perished.”

You should be very proud of your actions and for making a difference in the life of another.

 Thank you for your bravery and quick actions.