Friday, February 25, 2022.

2021 Service Recognition Awards – Citizen Awards 1 

Recipients Allan McPherson and Noah Chapman

The South Simcoe Police Service considers itself incredibly fortunate to serve in the engaged, caring communities of Bradford and Innisfil.

Residents often act as the eyes and ears of the police service and on occasion our citizens step up in the face of danger and commit incredible acts of bravery.  Tonight we honour Allan McPherson and Noah Chapman for their roles in capturing an armed robbery suspect in Innisfil, an occurrence that reads like a scene from a movie. 

 On December 3rd, 2020, shortly before 11pm, a suspect wearing a ski mask who claimed to be armed with a handgun entered a variety store on Innisfil Beach Road. He handed a note to the female clerk demanding money and threatening to kill her if she did not comply.

Allan McPherson was outside of the store and saw the accused approach the counter and speak with the clerk. McPherson walked into the store and saw the clerk mouth quietly to him that she was being robbed and that he should call police. McPherson did not have a cellphone on him but that was when the clerk realized that the suspect’s gun was not real and McPherson sprang into action tackling the suspect to the ground.

Meanwhile, a second witness, Noah Chapman, was in the store but out of view of the suspect. Seeing what was happening, Chapman assisted McPherson and the two of them were able to gain control of the suspect, causing him to drop the gun. The quick-thinking clerk then kicked the gun away, picked it up and called police.

The accused was held on the floor until officers arrived who placed him under arrest for robbery.

Incredibly, no one was injured. 

Please join us in applauding Citizen Award winners Allan McPherson (top photo) and Noah Chapman.  The Chief presented their awards prior to the awards ceremony on February 24, 2022.