Residents of Bradford West Gwillimbury or Innisfil can request three (3) types of Police Record Checks.

Before you apply, ask your organization which Police Records Check you need to apply for…

Level 1–Criminal Record Check (CR) | APPLY NOW or Read more

Level 2–Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check (CRJM) | APPLY NOW or Read more

Level 3–Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) | APPLY NOW or Read more

If you currently live outside of Bradford West Gwillimbury or Innisfil, you CANNOT request a records check from the South Simcoe Police Service. You will need to attend your local police service.

Please check your spam email folder for the code.  If you are still having issues, please contact Rogue Data Support at 905-952-0838.

Please refer to the below chart for our most common employment/volunteer positions.
Level 1 – Criminal Records Check
Level 2 – Criminal Records and Judicial Matters Check

Level 3 – Vulnerable Sector Check

(applicant must be over 18)

Camp Counselor  
Daycare Worker/ Resident at Daycare Location  
Foster Parents/Resident in Foster
Host Family/Boarding Parent  
In-school custodian  
Minor Sporting Coach/Trainer  
Personal Support Worker  
Retirement Home Worker  
School Bus Driver  
School Crossing Guard  
School Teacher/Teaching Assistant/Tutor  
Scout Leader  
Social Worker  
Taxi/UBER Driver  
Youth Worker  
Students (School Placements) 
Name Change   
Retail Store Clerk  
Security Guard  
Office Manager/ Worker/Administration 
Working Visa 
Immigration/ Permanent Resident  
Kinship Home   

The South Simcoe Police Service offers the ability to submit Police Record Checks online to those who are eligible. You may be eligible to submit online if you have a bank account and credit history through which we can verify your identity. You will also need a credit card, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Debit in order to pay online and must currently reside in Innisfil or Bradford West Gwillimbury. Depending on the type of police check and your status as an employee or volunteer, you will also need a letter specifically requesting that you undergo a Police Record check.

Accepted Photo Identification (one of your two pieces of identification must be from this list): Accepted Non-Photo Identification (must provide name and date of birth)
  • Driver’s Licence (if no Driver’s Licence is available, you must provide a recent utility bill, bank statement, pay stub or current lease/rental agreements, valid Post-Secondary Student Identification to verify current address)
  • Passport 
  • Ontario Photo Card
  • Government Employment Card
  • Military Employment Card
  • Age of Majority Card
  • Canadian Citizenship Card (up-to-date)
  • Indian Status Card
  • International Student Identification Card (ISIC)
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Hunting Licence
  • Fishing Licence
  • Outdoors Card
  • Hospital Card
  • Immigration Papers

You may apply online as long as you have a bank account, credit history and the ability to pay online. We use Equifax to verify your identity. If you are unsuccessful in your Electronic Identity Verification (EIV), you may still complete your application online, however you will still need to come in person and have your identification verified (see below). As a volunteer, you will need an electronic, scanned or .pdf copy of the organization’s capacity letter to attach to your application.

If you are not able to submit electronically, you will need to apply in-person at 2137 Innisfil Beach Road, Innisfil or 81 Melbourne Drive, Bradford West Gwillimbury.  You will need to bring two (2) pieces of valid government-issued identification that confirms your name, date of birth and address, a current email and physical address through which your results will be sent. One piece of identification must have a photo.

No, Vulnerable Sector screening checks are only valid for the specific employer/position for which it was conducted due to the potential Ministerial disclosure, and are not likely to be accepted by another Vulnerable Sector employer.

To submit an application online, and in order to use the Electronic Identification Verification process, you are required to have a bank account and credit history. This is NOT a credit check.

Applicants whose identity cannot be verified electronically will be required to submit an application in person at 2137 Innisfil Beach Road, Innisfil or 81 Melbourne Drive, Bradford West Gwillimbury.

If you are unsuccessful the FIRST time, you can try a second time.

Following that, if you are still unsuccessful in your online Electronic Identity Verification check, you can visit us in person.

Before you get started online, you will need:

  • A computer with an internet browser and an email address
  • A bank account and credit history to complete the online Electronic Identity Verification process

The SSPS uses Equifax, which uses your credit information to confirm your identity. To learn more about Equifax, please visit their website. If you are unsuccessful in your online Electronic Identity Verification check, you may still apply in person.

An electronic copy of your volunteer capacity letter (this may be scanned or attached as a .pdf)

If you are a volunteer, you will be asked to attach a scanned or .pdf version of your volunteer letter. It must clearly indicate the organization that you will be volunteering with, on organization letterhead and signed by the volunteer organization. Illegible or incomplete letters will be rejected and you will be notified that you must reapply.

Results stemming from Record Check applications will be returned to you either via Email (Softcopy) or Paper (Hardcopy).

Email (Softcopy)

Not currently available

Paper (Hardcopy)

Regardless of whether the Record Check application was made Online or In-Person, the South Simcoe Police Service will return Record Check results to applicants via Paper method.

Paper Record Check results will be returned to the applicant either in-person at our Innisfil or Bradford locations or by mail.

There are three (3) types of Police Record checks. These include a (1) Criminal Record Check (CR), a (2) Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check (CRJM), and (3) a Vulnerable Sector Check (VS). Which form you fill out depends on the organization requesting the Police Record Check, your status as an employee or a volunteer, and if you are working directly with vulnerable persons.

Your privacy is protected. Once your identity is verified, we will authenticate your identity each time you login.  A special authentication key is sent to you each time you want to log in. This special key changes every time. It allows us to confirm it is person with a known email address that is requesting access and not automated ‘bot’ or someone who does not have access to your email address.

All questions relating to the Online Background Web Application will be directed to (i.e. difficulty logging in/online payment issues) Rogue Data Corporation:

Emails and Voicemails will be responded to within 24 hours between 0900-1700 hours Monday-Friday (excluding Statutory Holidays)

All questions related to Background Clearance process, forms and all other questions will be directed to:

Police Record Checks
Information Services Unit
South Simcoe Police Service
2137 Innisfil Beach Road,
Innisfil, Ontario
L9S 1A2

The South Simcoe Police Service Police Record Check section can be reached by:

Volunteer/Unpaid Positions

$20 – Requires a letter from your sponsoring organization outlining your volunteer capacity.

$55 – If your do not have a letter from your sponsoring organization.

Employment/Paid Positions:$55
Fingerprints:Any related third party costs.