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Media Release. Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Breach of Conditions 

(Bradford, ON)  On Wednesday, February 07, 2018, just after midnight, a woman called South Simcoe Police to report that her common-law husband had attended her home when he was on court conditions not to contact her as a result of an earlier charge.  She told police the accused tried to convince her that he was allowed to live with her and suggested they move in together at a new address.  He also demanded keys to the home and car which she did not provide.  The man left before police arrived, however police were able to contact him by phone and arranged for him to attend the South Division. 

The 56 year old male from Utopia was held in custody for a bail hearing, charged with Fail To Comply-Recognizance. 

Fail To Attend Court 

(Bradford, ON)  On Wednesday, February 07, 2018, a man wanted on an outstanding warrant turned himself in to South Simcoe Police.  Police were unable to get in contact with the accused but was able to contact his mother and advised her that her son was wanted for failing to re-appear in court earlier this month.  The 18 year old male from Bradford was held in custody for bail court. 

Identity Fraud 

(Innisfil, ON)  South Simcoe Police attended to a call at the North division on Wednesday, February 06, 2017, for a report of a possible fraud.  The man reports receiving  a call, claiming to be from the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency), stating his owes money and if not paid he could be arrested.  The victim soon realized the call was not legit and is out no money.   

We urge the public to tell their vulnerable or elderly relatives, friends and acquaintances that the Canada Revenue Agency does not work in this way. You should never wire money to anyone you do not know, no matter what threats they make. Police are always available to give advice on fraud. 

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